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Compare Car Insurance Quotes from the No.1 Car Insurance Broker in Thailand

At bolttech Insurance Broker (Thailand), we pride ourselves on being able to find the best policies at the best prices. Whether you are looking for full coverage or partial coverage, we will find an auto insurance policy that meets all of your needs, with affordable premiums and no hidden fees. We are so confident in our ability to identify the best policies at the best rates that we offer a best price guarantee: buy your car insurance through us and we guarantee you will pay the lowest price possible. Request a quote now and get instant results.

Instant Car Insurance Quotes & Motor Insurance in Thailand 

With bolttech, obtaining car insurance quotes and buying car insurance in Thailand is fast and easy. You can make your request, receive your quotes instantly and pay for your new policy online straight away, all via our easy-to-use website. And once the policy has been confirmed by the insurer, your policy documents will be sent to you by email. We set out with the goal of making buying motor insurance as easy as buying books or music online, and we are pleased to say that we have succeeded in achieving this goal. To get started, simply select your car make, model and year on the quote request form above, then enter your name and mobile telephone number. Once you have done this, press “Get your quote” and you will be presented with a selection of policies for motor insurance in Thailand that are based on the vehicle details you entered.

With immediate car insurance quotes and a wide selection of car insurers to choose from, this is the very best comparison website for auto insurance in Thailand.

Compare Car Insurance in Thailand: From Top Motor Insurers Including AXA, MSIG & LMG

Whether you are looking for Class 1 (First Class) best coverage policies, Second Class insurance (Type 2), Third Class insurance (Type 3) or simple compulsory car insurance to meet legal requirements for motorists in Thailand, we will provide you with a selection of quotations that allows you to easily choose the cheapest cover for your needs. We have excellent relationships with all of the major insurers operating in this part of the world, enabling us to bring you quotes from AXA car insurance, MSIG car insurance, LMG car insurance and many other Thailand car insurance companies. You can study the details for each car insurance quote, compare prices and pick whichever one you feel is right for you. And if you need any help evaluating the comparison quotes we provide, please do not hesitate to call and speak to a member of our team any time during normal business hours.

We Offer competitive Car Insurance Quotes from the following motor insurers plus many more:

  • Bangkok Insurance
  • Viriyah
  • SMK
  • Dhipaya
  • Muang Thai Insurance
  • Thanachart
  • LMG
  • Asia Insurance
  • Asset Insurance
  • Axa
  • Thaisri Ergo
  • AIG
  • MSIG

When performing a car insurance comparison in Thailand with the quotations we provide, please remember that some policies include extras that others do not.

Studying Thai Car Insurance Details When You Compare Car Insurance on Our Website

If you are particularly interested in Thai car insurance policies that include coverage for a replacement car, personal belongings theft insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance or a basic car towing service, please be sure to check for these extras in the policy details for all of the car insurance quotes we provide. Generally speaking, only First Class insurance (Type 1) is likely to come with extras such as these but some cheaper policies may include them so you need to check carefully when you compare car insurance quotations. However, if you are shopping for the cheapest public liability or third-party property insurance, you will be unlikely to be offered policies with roadside assistance or a replacement car service.

If you need any help to find policies that include specific extras/additional coverage, you are more than welcome to contact us at any time

Immediate Motor Insurance: Same Day Coverage When You Buy Car Insurance from bolttech

One of the biggest drawbacks of obtaining quotations and buying car insurance the old-fashioned way is that it often takes days for your policy to come into effect. But with bolttech, you can look forward to same-day coverage when you purchase your motor insurance from our website. This means you’ll be able to drive your vehicle on public highways almost immediately: something that traditional brokers simply cannot offer. Whether you are looking for the best car insurance in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or anywhere else in Thailand, you won’t find a faster or more convenient way to arrange your cover than through us.

We pride ourselves on offering the fastest and easiest way for you to compare car insurance in Thailand, choose a policy that meets all of your needs and arrange for cover to start.

 Easy Payments and Discounts for Thai Car Auto  Insurance Policies

We offer a variety of payment options for the Thai car insurance policies on our website:

  • Credit/Debit Card – You can pay your premiums with your credit or debit card using our secure payment facility.
  • Instalments – For policies of a certain value and above, instalment plans are available, which enable you to spread the cost of your auto insurance rather than paying one lump sum.
  • Online Banking – You can pay quickly and securely using your online banking.
  • OTC – You can visit a local branch of Tesco Lotus and pay over the counter if you prefer.
  • ATM – If you are nowhere near a Tesco Lotus and you prefer not to pay online, we offer ATM payments for your convenience.
  • Bank Deposit – You can pay the money directly into our bank account if you wish.

However you pay, there may be a no claim bonus available for first class coverage if you qualify.

We Offer More Than Competitive Auto Insurance: Additional Services from bolttech

We don’t just offer the best car insurance in Thailand, we provide quotes for motorcycle insurance, travel insurance and many other types of insurance too. And if you need a Thailand car insurance price for dealer and garage coverage, we can help with that as well.

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